The relocation process

relocation process

Tulipán Relocation Services is an efficient partner in your move and will gladly help you. Our service is customized and our contribution will depend on the service level you wish.

We have a network of contacts including real estate agents, removal companies, schools and all kinds of services which enable us to provide quick solutions to any of the needs you may have throughout this process.

Relocation package plus expansion

We work with a standard relocation service package. This is a coherent package that has been developed in practice. Here you can add services to, or omit. We think along with you and inform you proactively.

Roadmap and checklist

At the beginning of each relocation process we start with inviting you for a (virtual) meeting to make an inventory of your situation and identify your wishes. Based on this conversation, you will receive a quote.

Intake Meeting

If you decide not to continue with us after our first conversation or after receiving our quote no charge will be made.

Online progress monitoring 

After returning the signed copy of the quote we start the process by making a clear roadmap and a digital checklist for you to be able to monitor progress at each point. At each change you will get the update by e-mail.

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