Living in Malaga

What is the best place to live in Malaga? A question that is asked with some regularity. However, the answer is not that simple.

Because what is Malaga?

The municipality has nearly 600,000 people living within its city limits. The province has more than 1.6 million inhabitants. Some people live on the coast, the Costa del Sol, others on the ‘campo’ inland, in the mountains.

The tranquility of a mountain village, the pueblo blanco is the one the ideal while the other loves the city noise with restaurants, theaters, shops and a historic center.

No, the beach. I want to see the sun in the sea. Just Marbella for me, I want luxury shops, white beaches, starred restaurants and nightlife.

There are as many opinions as possible.

So again what’s the best place to live?
For me, that’s the city. Just because I love the opportunity to go jogging on the beach. Have fun in the historic center or to get a video in English at the time.


The layout of the city is quite easy, because on one hand you have the mountains and on the other side the sea. Between the houses are the houses. There are neighborhoods that seem to consist of flats and others with monumental buildings from the 19th century.

So which neighborhoods are there? How are they labeled?

The beach

From east to west there are the following beaches, each with their own charm and features. El Candado is probably the most peaceful, a beautiful neighborhood but getting to the beach requires a busy road. Then El Palo follows a busy neighborhood with many condominiums and authentic restaurants.

Then the old fishing village Pedrejalego, here it is always cozy with a nice boulevard to flan and shallow bays where it is safe for small children to swim.

The 19th century Malagueta district has a town beach that is often amazingly quiet. It borders the modern harbor that passes La Playa de La Misericordia. This is the ‘newest’ beach with a boulevard, many playgrounds, roller skating and cycling lanes.

The Centre

Here’s what to do. Going out, eating, shopping, museums and history. With its advantages and disadvantages. Most apartments in the center are apartments or flats, usually small, expensive and have no parking space or terrace, let alone a garden. Malagueños live especially in the hot summers at night and exuberantly. That is, it can be quite noisy.

La Victoria

La Victoria is located in the foothills of Mount Gibralfaro, northeast of the historic center. The main axis of the district forms Calle Victoria which joins the Plaza de la Merced. Here are many beautiful old mansions and are within walking distance of the old town.


Then there are of course many suburbs, often with more space, cheaper and still accessible by public transport to the city center.


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