Learning Spanish in Malaga & Granada

Learn Spanish

A dream destination

Learn Spanish in Spain, first choose your dream destination: Marbella or Malaga or Granada. Get ready to speak, dream, eat and live the Spanish culture in a relaxed atmosphere under the sun.

Why bother?

Everyone speaks English on the Costa del Sol, right? Unfortunately this is not true for the local authorities. In the interior the most ‘foreign’ language that you will hear is the ‘Andaluz’.

Immerse yourself

To communicate with the locals it is useful if you speak at least a little Spanish. If you want to integrate into a new society it is best to be immersed in the language, by eating, living and sharing your life with the Spaniards. This is truly the most efficient way to learn the language.

Learn Spanish in Spain


From September 2017 Tulipán Relocations will offer also private Spanish lessons.

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