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about us

Tulipán Relocations is offering relocation / immigration assistance in Spain to private persons and companies. With our Basic Package Service we are able to assist clients in every place in Spain. Our VIP Service is offered in Malaga, Granada and Almeria up to Alicante. This package is especially suitable for those who do not want to spend time on the relocation paperwork and want to turn everything over to Tulipán Relocations.



Tulipan Relocations was founded in 2011 by Stefania van Lieshout. Her own expatriate experience had been the source of inspiration to start a company specialised in support for expats and emigrants. From September 2015 until March 2017 Tulipan Relocations was managed by Margreeth van Goor. She worked already for the company on a regular basis and knew all the ins and outs of a succesfull relocation. Since April 2017 Tulipan Relocation is managed by Cees Cornelissen and Beatriz Arias.


Our Team


Cees CORNELISSEN – Bachelor in Business Administration. Emigrated to Andalusia in 2004. Worked in the hospitality industry in several countries including the US, Switzerland, Germany and Austria. In the Netherlands he worked as a product manager in the banking system. In Spain he owned a holiday cave house complex. During his stay in Spain, Cees has learned a lot about his new homeland. About the inhabitants, language, climate, culture and history, customs and habits. He knows the way in the – sometimes wonderful – world of governments and institutions, administrators and officials, laws and regulations, including through his experience in setting up his own company and his work in payroll administration.


Beatriz Yolanda ARIAS DIAZ – Graduated in English and Spanish Philology. Stayed for a long time in European countries like Germany and Switzerland, working in public relations. Personal assistant for a prestigious lawyer and professor at the Faculty of Law in Malaga for five years. Currently working as a Financial Advisor for a major German multinational. Thanks to her work, she is aware of the laws, regulations and the interpretation thereof.



Team Collaborators / Partners on Call

José Manuel RUIZ-RICO RUIZ – Professor of Civil Law at the University of Malaga. and chairman of the Academic Council. Professor of the University of Granada, Cantabria, Jaen and Malaga and as a lawyer, member of the Lawyers Association of Granada. He was dean of the Faculty of Law, Malaga, between 1998 and 2004 and deputy magistrate in the Provincial Courts of Jaen and Malaga, between 1994 and 1998.


Publications José Manuel:

  • “The implementation of mortgage loans and consumer protection” (Tecnos, 2013);
  • “The legal representation of minors and incompetents” (ED Thomson-Aranzadi, 2004.);
  • “Not affiliated unions: general considerations and register aspects” (Rev. C. Real Estate Law, 2004);
  • “Liability in the Law of construction planning” (Ed Comares, 2002);
  • “Foster care and the delegation of the parental authority” (Ed Comares, 1989).


Dolores RUIZ-RICO ARIAS – Lawyer of the Lawyers Association of Málaga. Bachelor in Law and Political Science at the Autonomous University of Madrid. Master of Law from the University of Malaga. Specialized in criminal law.




Rodrigo RUIZ-RICO ARIAS – Lawyer Lawyers Association of Málaga. Law degree from the University of Malaga. Master of Law at the University of Malaga.
Specialized in mortgage law and family law.



Javier CANDEL ERENAS – a professional assistant of the law firm Aránguez in Granada and Madrid. Degree in Law of the University of Granada. Master in Business Tax Consulting (Tax Advisory Companies) obtained in the Center for Tax Studies in Granada. Has a title as fiscal expert, accounting and is an expert in salary administration and social insurance.



Our partners in financial services

Tulipán Relocations regulates as much as possible, but not everything. Sometimes, for practical reasons, mostly because it involves tasks for a specialist. For optimal service, we cooperate with reliable and internationally oriented partners as DKV, Abanca, Banco Sabadell and several other insurers and banks.

Also a certified translator and notary belong to our regular circle of specialists. They work on demand, at the moment when they are needed. That way, we save time and money, but we guarantee consistent quality.

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