Emigration checklist


Official documents

  • Passports and / or driving license renewal (if it expires in the short term).
  • International extract birth register of all family members (you must apply in your place of birth). Children will need this document to obtain residency.
  • International extract of marriage certificate.
  • If you are looking for a job, it is wise to have your qualifications certified and translated.
  • Depreciation from the population register 5 days before you emigrate. If you unsubscribe from your municipality, the municipality will inform the tax authorities.
  • Inoculation of pets and proof of this. See what the rules are.
  • Ask your doctor or treating specialist to take your medical records with you.


  • Cancellation of the rental contract of rented accommodations, reclaiming deposit, issuing house keys, settling annual costs (eg service costs, gas, water and electricity).
  • Sale of the home, timely broker.
  • Car sale, timely submission of registration certificate, cancellation of insurance and application for a warranty.
  • If you decide to unsubscribe yourself, you also do not have to pay for health insurance in Spain. Make sure you receive information in time.
  • If you unsubscribe from the municipality, the municipality will pass this on to the tax authorities.
  • Cancel gas, electricity, water, cable TV, telephone, GSM, Internet.
  • Cancellation of maintenance subscriptions (central heating, geyser, combi boiler, chimney sweeper, window cleaner etc.).
  • Canceling child benefits.
  • Unsubscribe children school, declaration of school about children (type of school and results), refund school fees.
  • Cancel or continue insurances.
  • Cancellation / registration of memberships (clubs, associations, trade union, denomination, newspapers, magazines, etc.) / also for the children.
  • Cancell memberships, sports clubs, music lessons, etc.
  • Canceling savings actions such as shop stamps, air miles, savings coupons etc.

Benefits / Pension / Health insurance

  • Contact your pension fund (pension that you have accrued will remain, and will be paid at your retirement age).
  • If you receive a pension, you must apply for the S1/121 form. This entitles you to the use of the social security system in Spain.
  • Request proof of income from your pension / benefit. This proof must contain a name and signature of an employee and a stamp of the issuing authority. You must legalize the form and request apostille from a court. Keep in mind that this can sometimes take several weeks. After the apostille, the document must be translated if it was not issued in Spanish.
  • Inform the British healthcare system (NIH) that you are moving out.The truth is, you are only entitled to the services of the British healthcare system as long as you are resident in the United Kingdom.
  • Contact the health insurance or the Health Insurance Board to ask if you need an E-111 form (this is for the first time in the new EU country).
  • If you currently receive a benefit via the Sickness Benefits Act or Unemployment Benefit, you must inform them about the emigration and ask for the required E303 form (this form allows you to claim 3 months in the EU country, subject to certain conditions) on this benefit).

Inform people about your new address

  • Family, friends, acquaintances
  • Institutions
  • Subscriptions
    Fill in the post office address notice i.v. automatic forwarding to new address in your new country of residence (different options).

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