Think before you start

relocation process
A (temporary) stay abroad can be the fulfillment of a long awaited dream. But have you thought carefully about the consequences of your plans?
How do you prevent this dream from falling apart? Do you know what the consequences will be for your family, your finances and what this can mean for your career? A successful broadcast falls or succeeds with a good preparation. The following 10 questions will help you with this:


1. How do you prepare?

  • Read books about destination
  • Via information on the Internet
  • Go also look at the destination

A visit to your country of destination can prevent many questions. Multinationals are often willing to pay a reconnaissance visit for you and your partner. After all, a failed broadcast is an expensive joke.


2. Why do you want to move abroad?

  • Good for my career
  • Experiencing a different culture
  • Looking for better weather
  • Expected cost of living is lower

Expatriates invest a lot of money, time and energy in their move. Make sure you get a return on your move. Do a cost / benefit analysis before you leave.


3. Do you speak the language?

  • No
  • Fluently
  • I can help myself

Did you know that Malaga has several leading language institutes?


4. Have you done your financial planning?

  • It can be difficult to predict what you spending will be on rent, groceries, energy bills, gasoline etc.
  • Can I deal with an emergency situation – including a sudden move back to your home country?
  • Did you think about the tax implications? How do I avoid double taxation in Spain and your home country?

Plan carefully so that you have enough money abroad during the transition period, and leave money at home in case you need a financial lifeline.



5. What about your family? Your partner and / or children should also enjoy it.

  • My partner, how will he / she integrate into the new community?
  • My children, are they going to a Spanish or an international school? How important is it that their English stays up to date?
  • My family who stays behind in the home country. What about parents, brothers and sisters. What if they need help unexpectedly?

An expat life is exciting, new and a nice challenge, but it can mean a lot of unrest for your family members.

Help them with the transition by pointing out the positive aspects, providing information about the new environment, and finding ways to integrate into clubs and communities that support their interests.


6. What about health care?

  • Can I rely on the Spanish health service – or do I need private insurance?
  • In case of medical emergencies, I may want to return to my home country for help in my native language.

Perhaps your employer is willing to review your terms of employment.


7. How do I feel at home?

  • How do I integrate into my new environment?
  • How do I find new friends and acquaintances?
  • How do I deal with my Spanish neighbors?

Business associations and sports clubs are good ways to be included in a community.

They can make the difference between a sense of alienation and acceptance in that exciting and sometimes difficult first year of your new life in Spain.


8. Where are you going to live?

  • In the city or in the interior?
  • Rent, buy, rent first and then buy?
  • Do I want to live between the Spaniards or rather in an international community?
  • Housing costs can vary drastically between the city and the interior. But also think about the consequences for your children (school, friends, language).

The Spanish houses do not always meet the same standards as the English ones. Think about it, because it can be cold in winter.

If you own property in your home country, it may be wise to rent it out for a period of time, until you are sure that Spain is the place where you want to live.


9. Cultural differences?

  • Will I embrace this experience positively, regardless of the surprises that await me?
  • Will I occasionally have problems in understanding the behavior of Spanish customers, colleagues or neighbors?

The expat life will in most cases be a rewarding experience – whether you are retired or a career-minded professional. It is nice if you can do this yourself, if you think you need practical help and advice, please contact us for a free quote.


10. Do you need help with your move?

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