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After having determined which area you are going to live in, you can start looking for a suitable home. You can search for offers that are published on the internet. In Spain, however, most of the rental properties are offered through a real estate company. Although the expertise of the real estate is an advantage, sometimes there may also be disadvantages. Below are three different ways of searching explained; each with its advantages and disadvantages and also tips to watch out for.


Search for offers by private persons

If you are already staying in the future residential area, you can walk / drive through the neighborhoods and record the telephone numbers of the houses that are for rent. This can be seen by the signs with “Alquiler” attached to the houses. If a name is listed, it will be rented through a real estate. You can also ask in a local bar if someone knows a house to rent; this works sometimes also.

Private persons are offering their accommodations the most via the following websites:

On these websites, however, many homes appear, which are rented by brokers and also the majority of the houses are already rented out. The websites in question use an automatic renewal system, so that old ads are placed as new again at the top of the list.

If you have found a home and need to make a deposit pay attention to the following:

  • Never make money for a home that you have never seen.
  • Never transfer money without a signed reservation contract.
  • Never sign a reservation contract that you do not understand.
  • Ask the owner for proof that he is the owner of the property: a proof of ownership (“escritura”) or payment of real estate tax (“IBI”).
  • Ask the owner for a copy of his ID proof.



There are also offered homes that do not exist, which you can find out quickly enough:

  • The houses are too good to be true and are offered at a very economical price with everything included.
  • Viewing is often done via AirBnb, after a deposit has been made, because the so-called owner stays abroad.
  • Because the house does not exist, the photos of the house were taken from the internet somewhere else (stolen). However, this can be checked quickly via Google Image Search. How do I search for a photo on Google?
    1. Go to Google.com.
    2. Tap any word in for example “photo” and click search.
    3. Now there are multiple search options under the search bar; click photos / images.
    4. Now under the search bar you will see photos that you are not interested in, but a camera symbol will also appear in the search bar; click on this camera.
    5. You now get two choices “Paste the image URL” or “Upload an image”. Choose the last option.
    6. Download a photo of the apartment that you have previously saved.
    7. Press enter and Google shows the pages with the same photos.


Advantages searching offers private persons:

  • rent without intermediary, so this saves a monthly rental commission to the real estate company and / or costs for a search.

Disadvantages searching offers private persons:

  • The search process is time-consuming.
  • It can cause communication problems if you do not speak Spanish and the owner of the house does not speak English.
  • You run the risk of being scammed by people who do offer non existing homes.
  • There is no expert who draws up and / or goes through the rental contract. This can possibly cause problems in the future.
  • You run the risk that you are behind the facts; the houses that are offered for rent are already rented out.


Search in the offers of a real estate agent

You can also decide to rent by a real estate agent. They also often offer their rentals via the sites already mentioned above or list the rental property on their own website. There are also special rental sites on Facebook where homes are published. It should be taken into account that the core activity of a broker is “Sales” and not “Rental”. This is probably also caused by the fact that the commission for a sale is 20 times higher than a rental. An advantage, however, is that the broker makes the agreements, prepares the rental and possibly transfers the electricity and water contracts.

Advantages searching in the offers of a real estate agent:

  • The real estate agent knows the environment and the house.
  • You will receive a rental contract through the agent.

“Complaints” that we generally hear from our clients are:

  • Some brokers do not respond to requests by email, especially if the interested party is still abroad. Perhaps this also has to do with the fact that the demand is higher than the rental offer.
  • You run the risk that you are behind the facts; the houses that are offered for rent are already rented out and you will be on a waiting list.
  • The agent sends photos of rental properties that do not interest the customer and do not meet the requirements.
  • Some real estate agents only speak Spanish.
  • The photos that are shown do not reflect reality.
  • The search process is also time-consuming.


Home Search by Tulipán Relocations

Whether you are looking for a rental property or want to buy a property, we can help you with this. We have contacts with several real estate agents, both on the Costa del Sol, Costa Tropical and inland. We are looking for a minimum of 5 different accommodations, which meet the set criteria and budget. With the VIP Service we make a live video if you are abroad and you can also ask questions immediately. If you are already in Spain, we can go with you to the appointment. The great advantage of this search is that it is carried out independently, we do not receive a commission if you would rent the property through a broker. For us it is only important that you find the right property at an affordable price.

The benefits at a glance:

  • We prepare an individual search for you, which is adapted to your profile and wishes with regard to the house.
  • We are constantly monitoring the housing market and know exactly what is going on.
  • We regularly receive advance information from landlords and estate agents of interesting properties, which you can not find elsewhere because they have not yet been published on the internet.
  • We have detailed knowledge about the different residential areas and can therefore advise you.
  • We only send you photo documentation of the apartments and houses in which you are interested.
  • We make a live video or send you a video of the house of your choice (VIP Relocation Package).
  • You will only receive offers that match your personal requirements;
    We are in constant contact with you, by telephone, Whatsap and via the internet.
  • You only travel to Spain if we have found the house of your choice and a date for the appointment has been agreed. This is an option; We also have many clients who have signed the rental contract in the UK and only need an appointment for the key transfer.
  • Going through a rental contract will not be an obstacle for you, as we and our lawyers will do this for you.
  • We can arrange the transfer of electricity, gas and water connections for you.
  • We organize, if desired, internet, telephone and satellite dish.
  • We are looking for a suitable contents insurance for you.

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