Electricity Supplier Conections

electricity supplier

Through the liberalization of the electricity market, you can now get rates with the best economic conditions. This allows us to offer you an alternative provider, beside the traditional companies like Sevillana Endesa, which will be customized and matching your energy consumption.

We handle all the necessary paperwork involved in changing the electricity supplier. You do not need to worry about anything; we will take care of terminating the contract with your previous electricity provider. The change of provider happens without any power interruption and without any change in quality. In case of any malfunctions or problems in future you can call with the service line which is 24 hours available, if the problem is related to an electricity blackout, you can also still calling the emergency number of your energy distributor (in the most cases it is Endesa but it is depending the region you are living).

Energy Consulting

Initially your latest invoice will be investigated, so a special offer can be made that will optimize your electricity expenses. You can also receive suggestions for possible improvements, including:

  • adjusting the contracted level
  • the optimization of certain features on your location (such as transition to LED lighting)

With these extra adjustments your electricity bill can even be lower in the future.


 Electronic Billing

In relation to the preservation of the environment and the digital communication you will receive a digital invoice. This ensures on the one hand the reduction of the use of paper and the reduction of energy to produce it and on the other hand it accelerates receiving your invoice.


 Power Outages

The quality of the power supply is the responsibility of the distributor/distribution company, as part of the Electricity Act (Ley del Sector Eléctrico). A problem with the quality or failure of the electricity supply, the energy administrator can on your behalf contact the distributor responsible for your area. In this case you can contact the administrator by phone, email or web contact form. However, in case of a power failure, it may be more effective, to make direct contact with the emergency line of the distributor in your district.


What do I need to do?

If you are interested in changing electricity supplier, we will ask you to send us a copy/scan of your latest electricity invoice (front and back). We will calculate if it is advantageous to switch. This is free and without any obligations.

Send your final invoice to: contact@tulipanmalaga.com

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