Selecting residential area in Southern Spain

relocation process

Once the choice has been made to move to Spain, the question is where will I live? This question depends on various questions that you have to ask yourself:

Do you want to live among the Spaniards or between the foreigners?
The foreigners live mainly on the coast and this is reflected in the range of bars and restaurants; English pubs, English supermarkets etc. If you do not like this, avoid these often also tourist places.

In a city, village or country?
In a city/village you are close to all kinds of facilities such as a hospital, shopping centers and nightlife. In addition, it is often easier to find a job in a city than in a village. Prices in the cities are often much higher than in rural areas, for example; in a place like Torremolinos you can rent a studio for € 450 – € 500 with great luck, in the countryside or in a village you can rent a whole house for this price!

Near the airport?
Are you planning to go back often to the UK or abroad, then it is wise to choose a place from which you can easily reach an international airport.

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