Regio Los Montes

Los Montes is the Spanish region in the north of the province of Granada. The region is divided into the sub-region Iznalloz (regional capital) in the transition zone to the west and the subregion of Pedro Martinez further to the east. Expansive hills dominated by traditional agriculture, mainly herbs, with some hills and mountains with natural vegetation and replanting, but also cultivated landscape (especially to the west, where a larger number of woody crops occur). There are also some irrigated plains (along the rivers Guadahortuna and Cubillas). In the eastern part, the area is crossed by the A-44 motorway that connects Jaen with Granada and the Costa Tropical.


Demographic characteristics

The “Instituto de Estadística y Cartografía de Andalucía” annually determines the number of inhabitants. Here the figures are taken from the municipal registrations. We looked at the country of birth of the people who were registered with a municipality in the Los Montes region in 2017.

The figures show the following: in the Los Montes region, a total of 875 foreigners lived in 2017, which was 3.58% of the population. Of these, 571 people were European, which was 2.33% of the total population in the Los Montes region. The largest groups of foreigners were: Romanians (210), Africans (153) and Americans and Germans both 143 persons. The largest group of Europeans after the Romanians and Germans were the French (112) and the English (24). At least according to statistics, many Europeans are not registered with the municipality.

The majority of Europeans live in:

  • Iznalloz: 85 people corresponding to 1.69% of the population. The largest group are the French with 35 people.
  • Deifontes: 63 people corresponding to 2.41% of the population. The largest group is the French with 38 people.
  • Montillana: 63 people corresponding to 5.22% of the population. The largest group are the Romanians with 50 people.

However, if we look at the number of foreigners as a percentage of the total population, other names will appear:


Accessibility Los Montes

Aeropuerto Federico García Lorca Granada- Jaén: this airport is located next to the city of Granada. The distance from Iznalloz to the airport is 42 km (30 minutes). There are a total of 12 destinations, including London and Naples. Click here for all destinations.

Málaga-Costa del Sol aeropuerto: this airport is located just outside the city of Malaga. The distance from Iznalloz to the airport is 158 km (1 hour and 37 minutes). There are a total of 110 destinations, including Belfast, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bristol, Cardiff, Cork, Doncaster, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Leeds/Bradfort, Liverpool,  London, Manchester, New Castle, Shannon, Southend Sen. Click here for all destinations.


Climate of Los Montes

The region has a Mediterranean-continental climate, which has elements of Mediterranean influence such as the Levante, along with other, more typical influences from the highlands. The winters can be long and cold and the summers are equally long and hot. The precipitation is low (less than 600 l) and is from west to east: 700 mm per year in Iznalloz to 300 mm per year in Pedro Martinez. The average annual temperature is 15 ° C, fluctuating between 6-7 ° C in January and approximately 26 ° C in July. (Source:


Nature in the region Los Montes

There are no nature parks in the region, but some areas would earn it. The most important secret of this area are the sunflower fields at Domingo Pérez that bloom in July / August. There is one natural monument and this is the spectacular historic and natural cave “Las Ventanas“. In the Moclín area there are excellent hiking trails, passing through historical settlements and passing through a spectacular gorge “Tajos de la Hoz” with waterfalls. The most important mountain range in the region is Sierra Arana in the east, with an average altitude of 1200 meters above sea level. The highest point is Cerro or Peñón de la Cruz, with an altitude of 2030 meters. In this area there are also some natural caves that can be visited (without a guide). In the vicinity of Piñar and Iznalloz are also some very beautiful caves, but access with a guide is recommended.


Villages in the region Los Montes

The Los Montes region is divided into a total of 19 municipalities. All villages in the region are above 630 meters altitude and 14 of them more than 1,000 meters. The average height is 942 meters; Villanueva de las Torres is at the lowest level (633 m) and Torre Cardela at the highest level (1217 m). The region can be divided into two sub-areas. In the west we have the subregion Iznalloz (regional capital) with the village of Piñar (with its natural historic caves). In the east we find the sub-region of Pedro Martinez with vast hills dominated by traditional agriculture. Below an overview of all villages in the region. Click on the photo for more information.


Most interesting villages in the region Los Montes



Other villages in the region Los Montes


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