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Guadix (also called La Accitania or Land of Acci) is a Spanish region in the central eastern province of Granada, in the autonomous community of Andalusia. It borders the regions of Baza in the east, the region The mountains in the north, in the west Vega of Granada and the Alpujarra in the south, as well as the province of Almeria. It consists of twenty-six municipalities, of which the most populous and widespread Guadix is. The region is crossed by the A-92 motorway that connects Guadix with Granada and Malaga in the west and Almeria in the southeast. Another motorway A-92N connects the city with Murcia.


Demographic characteristics

The “Instituto de Estadística y Cartografía de Andalucía” annually determines the number of inhabitants. Hereby the figures are taken from the municipal registrations. We looked at the country of birth of the people who were registered in a municipality in the region of Guadix in 2017.

The figures show the following: a total of 1,675 foreigners lived in the Guadix region in 2017, which was 4.02% of the population. Of these, 740 were European, this was 1.78% of the total population in the Guadix region. The largest groups of foreigners were: Americans (793), Africans (394) and Moroccans (298). The largest groups of Europeans were the Romanians (166), Germans (122) and Frenchmen (108). At least according to statistics, many Europeans are not registered in the municipality.

The majority of Europeans live in:

  • Guadix: 331 people corresponding to 1.76% of the population. The largest group are the Ruman with 69 people.
  • Huéneja: 49 people corresponding to 4.24% of the population. The largest group is the Romanians with 32 people.
  • Valle del Zalabí: 42 people corresponding to 1.96% of the population. The largest group are the Germans with 32 people.

However, if we look at the number of foreigners as a percentage of the total population, other names will appear:


Accessibility Guadix

Aeropuerto Federico García Lorca Granada- Jaén: this airport is located next to the city of Granada. The distance from Guadix to the airport is 68 km (45 minutes). There are a total of 12 destinations, including London and Naples. Click here for all destinations.

Málaga-Costa del Sol aeropuerto: this airport is located just outside the city of Malaga. The distance from Guadix to the airport is 185 km (1 hours and 45 minutes). There are a total of 110 destinations, including Belfast, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bristol, Cardiff, Cork, Doncaster, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Leeds/Bradfort, Liverpool,  London, Manchester, New Castle, Shannon, Southend Sen. Click here for all destinations.


Climate in the Guadix region

The climate is warm and temperate. The rain usually falls in the winter, with relatively little rain in the summer. The climate here is classified as Csa by the Köppen-Geiger system. The average temperature in Guadix is 14.2 ° C. and the average rainfall in a year is 479 mm. The driest month is July with 7 mm of rain. In March, precipitation reached its peak, with an average of 60 mm. The warmest month of the year is July, with an average temperature of 24.3 ° C. With an average of 6.0 ° C, January is the coldest month of the year. (Source:


Cave houses in Guadix

The grounds of the Hoya de Guadix and the valleys of the rivers Fardes and Gor were easy to excavate. This has meant that many people have dug their own cave house since history. The advantage of a cave house is the thermal insulation, which ensures that the temperature remains constant throughout the year; warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The ceilings of the caves are round in shape and together with the walls they are whitewashed. Nowadays, many cave dwellings have been renovated and some have even been turned into luxurious holiday homes with all its charm and comfort.


Nature in the Guadix region

Guadix and the district of Marquesado are formed by an immense plateau and lie to the east of Granada. It is formed by the city of Guadix and the surrounding villages. This area has a very rich archaeological and historical heritage. It has landscapes of contrast; The green northern slopes of National Park Sierra Nevada and the red moon landscape of Guadix and Gorafe. In between, you will find a landscape that changes color in the course of the season; the blossom fields of the almond trees in January / February and the red daisy fields in May. In Guadix there are three nature parks: Sierra Nevada, nature park Sierra de Baza and natural monument Cárcavas de Marchal.


The villages in the Guadix region

Near Gorafe you can visit the largest collection of dolmen in Europe. They are spread over several kilometers in the valley and the information center is located in Gorafe itself. The Iberian remains and the Roman city of Acci (Guadix) founded by Julius Cesar are worth a visit. In the 8th century the Arabs arrived, but were expelled eight centuries later. In many places the Islamic heritage still remains; The Mudejar churches, Arab watchtowers, castle ruins and the Arabic place names. Excellent beauty of the Christian period in the Cathedral of Guadix and the castle in La Calahorra. Below an overview of all villages in the region. Click on the photo for more information about the village in question.


The most interesting villages of Guadix



Other beautiful villages in Guadix




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