Job Search Southern Spain


Below you will find an overview of job portals and Facebook pages where jobs are offered in Spain. If you already have a specific region in mind where you are looking for a job, you can view the region sites with even more links and links to companies that might have a vacancy open:

Looking for a job at a jobsite

Search Jobs Abroad

Search Jobs Abroad is the most comprehensive jobsite when it comes to recruiting international staff and working abroad. They started in 2005 in Amsterdam and have been active in Europe since 2007. Are you looking for a job in Spain? Search for Search Jobs Abroad for a suitable job in Malaga. They are not offering a suitable job at the moment? Then simply register. With the following link you can check if vacancies are available .

Other job sites (Spanish / English):

Searching for a job using Facebook

Jobs are offered through various media; Facebook is also part of this. Below are several groups mentioned, where you can log in as a member by simply pressing the button. After your “membership” is accepted you can view all vacancies and you will automatically receive a message when a new vacancy is posted.

Search for a job directly at a company

Several international companies have been settled in Spain, which regularly search for foreign employees, including Englisch speaking people. These are mainly companies in the sector technology and customer service Below an overview, with a link to their vacancy site:


Customer Service / Helpdesks:


Student Jobs

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