Registration (paperwork)

relocation process

We speak English and assist you in your own language through, along and across language barriers of the Spanish bureaucracy. In a reliable, efficient and energetic way, we will arrange your move, we guide you to a new home on the Costa del Sol by finding appropriate accommodation, a school for ypur children, medical facilities etc. We arrange the necessary immigration formalities and documentation, such as NIE , residence (Certificado registro ciudano the reunión europea) and registration in your municipality (Patronal).


Tax Number (NIE)

The NIE number is required when you need to apply for a bank account, buying or renting a house, take an insurance, connecting phone and internet, etc. In short, without an NIE is not possible for a foreigner to live in Spain.


Residentie of “Certificado registro cuidano de reunion europea”

This should be requested at the National Police Office, when you stay or would be resident in Spain for at least 3 months.


Registration Municipality

If you are in Great Britain deregistered this does not mean you are automatically registered in the municipality where you are going to live in Spain. You need to go to the town hall in order toregister.


Register your Children in School

We can go with you to register your children in school.



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