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Once you have found a home, you must register yourself in the municipality. In this case it does not matter whether you rent or have bought a home. If you register, this does not mean that you will be automatically unsubscribed at your old address abroad. You must do this yourself before you leave.


Why should you sign up?

The municipalities receive a budget that is adjusted to the number of inhabitants that the municipality has. So if more residents are registered, the municipality receives more money with which, among other things, the roads and social services can be maintanied etc. In addition, a number of taxes depend on where you live and are collected by the municipality. These are real estate taxes and road taxes. A registration with the municipality does not mean that you are a resident or that you live there permanently so you should do this also if you have a holiday home.


Where do I register?

You must register at the local town hall (“ayuntamiento”) of the municipality where you live.


Which documents do I have to bring?

Every municipality has its own policy. You must personally register and usually bring the following documentation (original and a copy):

If you rent:

  • copy of passport or ID-card
  • copy NIE number or copy residency card
  • a signed rental contract
  • copy ID card landlord or in case foreigner, also a copy residency card
  • copy of a water or electricity bill of the rented property

If it is your own home:

  • copy of passport or ID-card
  • copy NIE number or copy residency card
  • copy purchase contract (“escritura”)

If you need help with your registration or if you want us to do this for you, please contact us; call 00 34 637 463 005 or write to

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