NIE number


A NIE number is comparable to the English Social Security number or tax number. Residents and non-residents in Spain, with financial interests, must apply for a Número de Identificación de Extranjeros (NIE). Since there is no passport photo on the document, it does not count as an identity card.

Why is it necessary?

The NIE is required when applying for a bank account, buying or renting a house, taking out insurance, connecting telephone and internet, etc. In short, without a NIE it is not possible for a foreigner to liveofficially in Spain. For expensive purchases, the store usually also requests the NIE and your address. This is because in case of damage the insurance only reimburses the full amount, including VAT, if you can show a correct VAT receipt. A normal purchase receipt without this information is not sufficient. In almost all cases, a copy of the NIE and a copy of the ID are requested.

Other items for which you need a NIE number:

  • To study
  • Buying a vehicle
  • Start up business
  • Accept work
  • Pay Spanish taxes
  • Apply for mortgage or other loans
  • Social security registration
  • Receipt of social security benefits
  • Request driving license

How do I apply for a NIE number?

It can be requested in person at the Department of Foreigners Affairs at the Police Station (Policia National) with the following documents:

Standard documentation:

  • Passport / ID card and a copy of it
  • Completed application form EX-15 in duplicate
  • The 790-12 form (fees); these three forms must be paid in advance at a bank. The bank will return you two forms with stamp, as proof of payment to you. The costs is € 9.74

Extra documentation in some offices;

  • An undersigned statement why you want to request a NIE number.
  • A proof for the above reason.

Need help? Call + 34 637 463 005 or write to We can help you with completing the forms and accompany you to the appointment. We can also request a NIE number without you having to be there with a POA.

How do I make an appointment?

You can not go to the national police without an appointment. An appointment must be made in advance via the internet. Please note that some offices have a waiting time of up to a few months. Only for an appointment in Ronda you still have to queue in the morning. Through this link you can make an appointment at the other offices:

Where are the Police Stations located?

The addresses of the police stations in the provinces of Granada and Malaga are listed below in alphabetical order of place name. For other provinces you can look here.


Subdelegación del Gobierno Oficina de Extranjería: Calle San Agapito 2, Granada, Telefoon:958 90 93 14



Adres: C/ Ciudad de Oaxaca S/N – 29200, Antequera (Málaga), Telefoon: 952 706 360


Adres: C/ Valle Inclan S/N – 29.680, Estepona (Málaga), Telefoon: 952 798 530

Gestion Extranjeria FUENGIROLA

Adres: Avda. Condes de San Isidro Nº 98 – 29640, Fuengirola (Málaga), Telefoon: 952 19 83 58 / 60


Comisaria Provincial Policia Nacional Adres:  Plaza Manuel Azaña, Nº3 – 29006, Málaga, Telefoon: 952 046 200

Extranjeria: Calle Mauricio Moro Pareto, 13, 29006 Málaga, Telefoon: 952 98 04 60


Adres: Avda Duque de Lerma, Edeficio España, Local 3,  29600, Marbella (Málaga), Telefoon: 952 86 72 41


Adres: Avda. de Málaga Nº 9 – 29400, Ronda (Málaga), Telefoon: 952 161 227


Adres: C/ Skal Nº 12 – 29620, Torremolinos (Málaga), Telefoon: 952 378 450 / 952 378 451


Adres: Avda. de Andalucía Nº 55 A – 29740, Torre del Mar (Málaga), Telefoon: 952 965 070 / 952 965 089

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