Schools in Spain


The Spanish basic and secondary education system

In Malaga and surroundings there are several possibilities for schools, for a full list of all Spanish schools in the province of Malaga click here.

The choice is large and highly dependent on what you want and may pay. There is also a waiting list in the city, like in Great Britain, for some schools. Often your place on the waiting list is influenced by the residential address. So if you live close, your children have a greater chance of being admitted. From 6 years, it is compulsory to go to school. Before that time, you can choose to have your child go to the ‘Educación Infantil’.

Colegios Concertados

This is just like a special education in the Great Britain (Catholic, Protestant). These are generally better enrolled than state schools. The Colegios Concertados usually commit to wear a uniform, which has to be paid by the parents. Many schools also charge a contribution for the comedor (lunch), which can rise to € 200 per month.




Colegios Públicos

These are the state schools. In theory, state schools are free, often a contribution is made for books and school trips. The school year is from September to the end of June.


Colegios Privados – International schools

There are a number of international schools (Colegios Privados) in Malaga, a French and different English schools. These costs around € 500 to € 1100 per month per child. The children can generally go there from three years.




Students from 3 to 17 years are following St. George courses based on the National Education and recognized British exams, combined with compulsory elements of Spanish Education. The students learn a wide range of subjects from the British curriculum and, in addition, the Spanish language and the humanities. Thus, they get a broad and balanced bicultural education that prepares them effectively for a follow-up study in each system and the requirements of daily life. The educational approach is varied and flexible to adjust the purpose or context. Students learn essentially by thinking, experimenting, exploring and researching themselves. They also learn how to work independently and in teams.


The MIT is located in Malaga’s Technical Park (PTA). This is a bilingual school. At MIT School they give priority to teaching in English. More than half of the study plan is presented in English, in a gradual and wise manner, so that it is not an obstacle to the new students who do not have a high English level. This is complemented by learning from Mandarin (from 7 years old), French (from 9 years old) and German (from 12 years old), all taught by native teachers. In her education, the school combines the old wisdom with modern science. The pillars of their education are new technologies, sports and values ​​such as hard work, dedication, enthusiasm, respect, courtesy and discipline. The goal is to offer a training that includes the enjoyment of learning and each student discovers ways to achieve development and happiness.


Sunny View School is the leading British school on the Costa del Sol. The school was founded 40 years ago and welcomes students of all nationalities from 3 years to 18 years. It was the first school on the Costa del Sol, approved by the National Association of British Schools in Spain (NABSS). The school is fully authorized by the Spanish Ministry of Education. The school is just outside Torremolinos, Málaga in a spacious place that has fantastic views of the area. They have dedicated buildings for kindergarten, primary and secondary education, as well as shared facilities, including a library, school hall, basketball and volleyball courts, football pitch, gym, playground and swimming pool. There are plans for further expansion of the buildings and facilities of the school in the coming years.


The British College of Benalmádena is fully recognized by both the British and Spanish Ministries of Education and is a member of NABSS (National Association of British Schools in Spain). At the same time, they follow both British Education and the main knowledge areas of Spanish Education. This means that the students learn all the subjects of British Education, which results in the University of Cambridge IGCSEs at A level plus lessons in Spanish, Literature, Geography and History, which correspond to Spanish Diploma of secondary education and a Spanish baccalaureate. This enables students to obtain qualifications from both the British and Spanish research systems, as well as the Cambridge International Certification of Education. This means that all students can choose to go to a university in Great Britain, Spain, the United States or any other part of the world. The IGCSEs and A Level results will allow instant access.
From year 7, a third language, French or German, will be introduced. The average class size is about 20 students. However, this is relative to the pupil / teacher until 13/14 to 1, but many classes are smaller. The school has 7 different playing fields with sports facilities, according to different age groups. The most important is a large, beautiful, shady park that includes a multisport area. There is also a private school pool for the students to use.


The college offers international education from 3-18 years and also offers special education. The college covers an area of ​​17,500 square meters and is only three hundred meters from the beach. The school is specially built and consists of four buildings: kindergarten and primary education, secondary education and a cafeteria, a playroom and the guesthouse that can accommodate up to 40 students.
The college is well-equipped, complete with three scientific laboratories, three information technology suites, a library and sixth form research area, a theater and workshops. In total, 38 classrooms form the Benalmádena International College.
The college has been officially inspected and approved by a British UK inspector (certificate number 2011/38). The school is also registered and licensed at the Spanish Training Authority (center number 29001078), which gives graduate students the university entrance level.


St. Anthony’s College is a co-educational British school founded in 1968 and hence the oldest British school on the coast! They offer British National Education, as well as Spanish ESO and Bachillerato to students of different nationalities and cultures from 3 to 18 years. Each student at St Anthony’s College is part of a tutor group and has a tutor who takes care of all daily issues. A tutor provides assistance to students who need it and oversees the personal needs and problems of each student, as head of the pastoral. The security and happiness of each individual student is at St Anthony’s College and they are proud to ensure that their alumni can study the best of their skills.


A family school with students from 3 to 18 years old. Aloha College offers English training for the international community, while offering Spanish language and culture education, enabling students to qualify for both British and Spanish exams. The school was founded in 1982 by six teachers, at the request of local and foreign families, who invested their own money in what then and hitherto is a nonprofit project. The school has grown from 210 to about 840 students today and from a small building to the current 27,000 m2 of buildings and sports / recreation areas.


English International College in Marbella, Spain, is a school that offers English national education in an international context. The school has more than 500 boys and girls from many nationalities from three to eighteen years. Students do IGCSE and GCSE exams in the year 11 and those eligible for the sixth study for AS levels and A2 (A) level exams in preparation for access to the university by 18 years. Although the predominant language is English, about 80% of the students, the other 20% give the school a valuable diversity of cultures and nationalities.


BISM is one of the first primary and secondary schools offering a contemporary international Brites training course in the heart of Marbella. They follow English National Education, adapted to an international institution. The school offers personalized learning that combines academic discipline with a strong focus on personal development and providing a wide range of talents, from sport to art, languages ​​or technology. BISM is part of the British Schools Foundation, one of the largest networks of top-tier British schools, with 11 schools spread across 4 continents. They currently offer classes up to year 7 but will offer an additional year group each year.


The school offers British Education and legal Spanish primary and secondary education. Students from 3 to 18 years old. Swans strives to create a rich environment for the development of well-trained, confident and caring young people who want to make a significant contribution to the world in which they live, allowing them to develop into caring, principled and active members of society.


  • BILINGUAL COLEGIO ATALAYA (Estepona) Calle Pico Alcazaba 24-28, Urbanización El Marqués, 29680 Estepona, Tel: 952 003 171

The Colegio Atalaya is a bilingual school located in the Estepona area and is easily accessible from Marbella, San Pedro, Benahavis and other nearby cities. It follows the Spanish education system and complies with the official curriculum for children, primary, secondary and further education for children from 3 to 18 years. In Colegio Atalaya they use an educational model in which the students play a leading role. The teacher is not only present to teach but also stimulates the natural curiosity of each child, through practical experiments and studies, which develops their social morale and creativity. They are devoted to innovative education and active learning methods, such as cooperative learning, where students work together to complete tasks collectively in an atmosphere of tolerance and mutual respect.


The International School Estepona is the leading elementary school and childcare for children from 2 to 12 years old, located in Benavista (Estepona) west of Marbella, in the heart of The New Golden Mile on the Costa del Sol. The school is located on a secure fenced area of ​​3,700 square meters, which includes more than enough parking. It is a British School following British National Education to ensure a seamless transition from and to another British School; Whether in the UK or abroad. The school was founded in 2004. The teachers are qualified in the UK and speak English as mother tongue and give classes to up to 15 children in each class. Spanish is taught by a Spanish qualified teacher one hour a day.


The school is one of the smallest international schools on the Costa del Sol offering English education for children aged 3 to 18. The students are the central focus. With up to 16 students per class, each student is recognized and taken care of as a person, while playing an important part in the school community. The student file consists of more than 25 nationalities that teach students about different cultures, while developing important cognitive and emotional skills. The Cambridge program, for primary, secondary and further education, encourages students to build more than just knowledge of the subjects; It encourages them to play an active role in the classroom.


Laude San Pedro International College is a British mixed school of approximately 780 students from over 52 countries. They lead children from 2 to 18 years with a lesson program closely associated with the National Education of England and Wales. It is located in relatively new buildings and boasts excellent, spacious, architectural accommodation. The facilities and facilities for learning, sports and art are considered the best in every school, in this part of Spain. It was founded in 2004, is now part of the prestigious International Schools Partnership. ISP is a well-known name with a strong reputation in Spain and Great Britain, and its involvement and support brings enormous benefits to the school.


In 1972, the schools of El Romeral and Sierra Blanca in Málaga were under pressure from mothers and fathers. These were the first schools of the Attendis Group. Sierra Blanca is an authorized center of Junta de Andalucía for kindergarten, primary and secondary education, and applies innovative projects and educational programs, such as the Príncipe, based on early techniques or the new Attendis iPad Project.

Sierra Blanca School, Francisco Barbín, 22 29010 Málaga, Tel: 952 070650

El Romeral School, C/ De Eolo, nº2 | 29010 Málaga, Tel: 952 070370

Las Chapas School, Urb. Las Chapas, s/n | 29604 Marbella-Málaga, Tel: 952 831616

ECOS school, Urb. Elviria, s/n | 29600 Marbella-Málaga, Tel: 952 831027

ECOS was founded in 1985 and is a bilingual authorized center of junta de Andalucía for primary and secondary education in addition to an official exam center for Trinity College, Cambridge and Goethe University. It is distinguished from education on human and Christian values, the bilingual system, the personal attention and the educational preparation of the teacher.

ECOS sees sports activity as an important part of the student’s extensive development. That’s why it has created and counts with various federal teams in the regional competitions of football, basketball and volleyball.

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