Your insurance in Spain

Are you planning any time soon to move to Spain, buy a second home or start your own business overseas?

Of course you want to make sure that your properties are well protected, especially in a country where you not familiar with the language and/or customs.

A rainy day

For your peace of mind it is good to know that you and your relatives do not have to worry about the financial consequences of theft, an accident or a medical emergency and more so when there is a third party involved.

Hopefully you will never need to take out your policy, and you might feel as that you are paying unnecessary premium.

However, consider this: paying insurance premiums is like carrying an umbrella in autumn in London.  You like not to use it, but on a rainy day it wil keep you dry.

Reliable partners

The best way to organise your insurance in Spain is through a reliable local partner such as DKV, Reale Seguros and Caser Achmea.

These companies know the way in the Spanish legal system and have competitive rates.

You prefer to speak English?

Rest assure, all quotations, questions, office assistance and reports on damage will be done in your own language.

To request a quote click below:

Your properties

Your life and health

On these pages you will find more information regarding the relevant insurance.

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