Importing your car to Spain

As a resident in Spain importing your car from another E.U. member state is not a problem.

Steps to take

  1. First of all the car needs to be exported from the  country, where it is registered.
  2. You will need to be able to proof your residency with a NIE.
  3. It is best to obtain temporary number plates first. These have a validity period of 60 days.
  4. In this grace period the car should be tested by an ITV centre. The centre will issue a certificate stating that the vehicle complies with Spanish safety standards.
  5. The Impuesto de matriculación must be paid prior to obtaining the import license. Important: you can avoid this type of cost when you are the first owner of the car. The car is more than a year in your possesion and you import the car within 60 days after registering with the town hall.
  6. Import duties and IVA (VAT) for new vehicles should be paid at the tax office.
  7. With the above documents and insurance papers permanent licence plates can be obtained.

In 2013 this will cost approximately:

  • IVA: VAT on a new car is 21% over the invoice value (model 309 Hacienda).
  • Temporary license plates  € 19.00.
  • Permanent license plates  € 91.80.
  • The Impuesto de circulación & de matriculación are dependent on model, type, fuel type.
  • Printing the plates will cost approximately € 20 each time, i.e. temporary and permanent plates.
  • ITV test approximately € 125.

Necessary documents:

  • Passport;
  • Registration municipality;
  • Driving license;
  • Car papers and export license;
  • Insurance papers;
  • NIE number;
  • Certificate ITV;
  • Payment of road tax.

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