The Relocation Consultant

Perhaps you will be retiring soon and would like to spend your free time in the Spanish sun. Have a nice lunch on the beach, go golfing with friends or take your boat out. But yes, the language and local bureaucracy are things you dread. Understandably so.

Luckily there is a person that can assist you making your move a smooth as possible.

The Relocation Consultant

The Tulipán relocation consultant can organise everything involving your move. She arranges moving your belongings and ensures that you will be picked up at the airport upon your arrival in Spain.

Based on your wishes* she organises your temporary accommodation and will help finding your own place to live. She ensures that you obtain a Spanish mobile phone number and a NIE (tax identification number).

Your own place

She will show you around the new surroundings including the nearest hospital, restaurants, supermarkets, sport facilities and police station.

Once you found your own property the real Spanish life starts. Gas, water and electricity have to be connected. No less important are the telephone and internet connection. A local bank account is necessary to pay your household costs.

Of course you have to register yourself at the town hall. It is possible to arrange this yourself, but not always easy when you don’t speak the language.


Your insurance needs to be in place, especially abroad. Our consultant will look at your situation and take into account any special needs like insuring your car, your property, health and travelling. She will contact reliable insurance companies and obtain quotes on your behalf.

*An intake meeting

Before moving there will be a (virtual) intake meeting in which you get to know each other. The most important goal is to see if there is a basis of trust and colaboration between the consultant and you. After positive feedback the relocation process will start.

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