NIE/Certificado registro cuidano de reunion europea

What is a  NIE?

Untill recently residents and non residents in Spain, with a financial interest had to apply for a Número de Identificación de Extranjeros (NIE). It translates to Identification Number for Foreigners. The number is mainly used for tax purposes. Since there is no photograph on the document it is not a replacement for an ID.

Now for those who planning to stay longer than three months in Spain must obtain a Certificado registro cuidano de reunion europea (below).

Why is it necessary?

The certificates are required when applying for a bank account, buying or renting a house, taking out an insurance policy, connecting the telephone and Internet, etc. In short, without such a document is not possible for a foreigner to live legally in Spain.

For expensive purchases, the shop attendant will usually ak for your NIE and your home address. This is because in case of damages the insurance company will only compensate the full amount, including tax if you provide a proper VAT invoice, with all these data. A normal receipt is not enough .

In almost all cases, a copy of the NIE and a copy of your identification is required.

Certificado registro cuidano de reunion europea

If you are planning to become a resident in Spain you will need a certificado registro cuidano de reunion europea.  Proof of sufficient means will be required as well as proof of health insurance and two copies of the completed EX-15.

How do I get one?

It can be requested in person at the department of foreign affairs in the Police (Policia National) with your passport, a passport copy. The fully completed application E15/E18 form is only dealt with after proof of payment (€ 10.20) to a government-assigned bank.

In the city of Malaga the relevant police station is located on Plaza Manuel Azana, N º 3-29006.  To avoid long queues it is best to go there in the morning as early as possible.

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