Transferring to Spanish driving licence

When you are a resident in Spain and your EU driving license is about to expire you will need to convert to a Spanish license. This is called a canje del permiso de conducción de paises de la Unión Europea.


For this you must have a valid ‘residence permit‘ the so-called certificado registro cuidano the reunion europea. Furthermore you will need to pass a medical exam in one of the ‘Centros de Reconocimiento de Conductores autorizado.  This will cost about €45.

Once you pass the medical (which is not difficult) the centre will send the test data automatically to the Jefatura the Tráfico . You will also receive a copy of the certificate.

Please note that if you are a holder of a HGV license you will need to get an extended examination. It is important that you mention this at the time of the medical otherwise you will need to pay twice.

Required documents

  • Two passport pictures Spanish size and format.
  • Passport and copy
  • Your driving license & copy
  • NIE and copy

In the province of Malaga the Traffic office is located:

Max Calle Estrella , 12

29071 Malaga

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