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Tulipán Relocations works with the most experienced financial service providers in Europe, that can provide the best prospects for the future. We do not offer our own products, so that our consultancy is completely objective and independent, free and personalized for each client. A dynamic and consistent service for all your financial needs and requirements which  is absolutely free and without commitment. We work with the following methodology:


We first analyze your current situation; your debts; personal loans, mortgage (does it contain fraudulent clauses) and your insurances. In this conversation you also determines your goals and wishes for the future.

In the center are the objectives and needs of our customers. What are your goals for the short term (1-3 years), medium term (3-10 years) and long term (> 10 years)?

  • Would you like to travel?
  • Want to buy a new car / boat / home?
  • Do you have money saved for your retirement?
  • If you have children, you want them to go to the university? You know how much this costs?

Then we analyze in detail solutions from different providers, that best match your needs.



In the second meeting we present several solutions and together with you we take a look which solution you prefer and what can best achieve your wishes. You finally select the best solution from a wide range of products.





We assist you during lifetime and will help you with any financial questions or inquire you about changes, new options, and provide you with information about new developments.


Your pension in Spain


Most employees and especially younger people have no idea how much pension they will receive in the future. Currently in Spain there are 3.3 people working for every person who does not work, but this ratio will decline and by 2050 there will be 1.08 people working for every person who does not work. Do you think they will be able to pay pension? The Spanish government offers solutions such as the “Plan de Pensiones” the “PIAS (Plan Individual de Ahorro Sistematico)” and “renta Vitalicia” we can explain to you.

Did you know that the sooner you start saving for your retirement, the lower your monthly contribution is, to achieve the same end capital?
An example: A person of 25 years is starting to save € 60 per month and a person of 40 years starts with saving € 169 per month. With an average return of 6%, the final capital will be € 137,000 for the two people when they will retire at 67 years.

The end result of the two people is the same, but there is one important difference; the person of 25 years paid in total € 30.240 over 42 years. The person of 40 years old, paid in total € 54.756 over 27 years, or € 24.516 more!

Reducing the Maturity of your Mortgage

With the current low interest rate is lucrative to reduce the term of your mortgage. You can also do this directly, when you are starting the mortgage. We propose a saving plan for you, that runs parallel to your mortgage. The duration and amount of the monthly amount depends on when you want to terminate the mortgage.

This method is also desirable if for example you (at 40 years of age), take a mortgage with a maturity of 30 years. Or would you prefer still paying your mortgage, when you are going to retire?

An example

You take a mortgage for 30 years at a fixed rate of 2,5%, which corresponds to a monthly payment of € 395,12. The total payments (redemption and interest) are: 30 x 12 x € 395,12 = € 142.243

At the same time you take a saving plan of € 100 per month. With an average return of 6%*, you can use after 22 years, the value of savings, to pay off the remaining debt on the mortgage. In this case, the total amount of the mortgage (interest and repayments) and the amount of the saving plan are:
22 x 12 x € 495.12 = € 130.711.

The total discount on the purchase of your home is € 142.243 – € 130.711 = € 11.532 and the maturity of your mortgage is reduced with 8 years.

*Returns in the past are not a guarantee in the future. This saving plan has a risk profile “conservative”. The monthly payment is guaranteed and the returns are saved (“clicked”) every 3 months. The management fee is situated between 1,5% and 2,0% a year.


Question: Which of the three topics listed below are for you the most?

The answer will be in most cases, “Your family.” The practice, however, is different. Most people have a home contents insurance and a mandatory car insurance, but what happens to your family if you suddenly disappears? Do you have a life and / or disability insurance, so that your family and youself are protected, for any setbacks?

In our analysis, we also view all your insurances you currently have. In many cases we can offer a cheaper alternative with the same conditions or we can improve the conditions. The total discount can save you up to hundreds of euros per year. In case you have a company, we will also analyse the company insurances, if you like. Tulipán Relocations can offer you any insurance for private persons and companies.

Tax Benefits

Did you know there are financial products that offer a tax advantage?
Especially if you are self-employed (“Autonomo”) you have the right to deduct the cost of certain insurances on your income. These are accident insurance (up to 500 € per year deductible), private health insurance (up to 500 € per year deductible) and ILT “Incapacidad Laboral Temporaria” temporary disability insurance (up to € 500 per year deductible).

For self-employed and individuals are also monthly payments of a pension plan deductible, this is only beneficial if you have a high salary because at the end, when you get retired, you must pay 40% in taxes. There is a limit of € 8,000 per year.

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