Rental Assistance in Andalusia


The Junta de Andalucía has relaunched its housing rental assistance plan in Andalusia and again gives economic support to people who have a rental contract and need extra help.

The period in which you can submit the application for rental assistance runs from 10 December 2018 to 9 January 2019. A total of 18 million euros will be made available over the years 2018, 2019 and 2020.

This support should alleviate the economic problems that tenants may have, who have signed a rental contract in a given period. In order to receive this you need to comply with a number of characteristics that will determine whether a person is eligible to receive this rental assistance. These are specified in the application document to be submitted to the “Delegación de Vivienda” in the province where you are  a resident.



  • The rental assistance is only granted to tenants who have signed a rental contract after 1 January 2018. In no case earlier.
  • Limitation of the rent of the contract: the monthly rent of the house may not exceed € 600.
  • Rental contract: you must be named as the tenant in a rental contract, that is in accordance with the provisions of Act 29/1994, urban lease agreements of 24 November and other applicable regulations that are in force at the time of submittion of the application. That is why the house must have a cadastral reference according to the applicable regulations. If you do not know this, you can ask the owner who must provide it, or request it directly from the land registry (Dirección General de Catastro).
  • The start date of the rental contract must be equal to or before the period for which you will apply for the rent subsidy. If you have had several successive rental contracts, since 1 January 2018, you must provide them all.
  • In principle, you do not have to provide the rental contract because the necessary information is obtained from the down payment of the deposit, which must have been recorded in the Andalusia Housing and Rehabilitation Agency (Agencia de la Vivienda y Rehabilitación de Andalucía), if the owner has at least doen this.
  • In order to comply with the rest of the requirements, it will be taken in account the number of persons registered in the house (padron), for which rental assistance is requested during the entire subsidy period. It is not necessary that these persons are connected by kinship, but you must provide a collective historic certificate (padron) from the municipality, issued in the year for which the rental assistance is requested and stating that all members are registered before the start of that period.
  • The applicant must be legally resident and stay on national territory.
  • In particular, the obligations of the tax authorities and social security imposed by the applicable provisions must be fulfilled during the entire process and until the payment of the rental assistance. Nor may the beneficiary have any debts in the execution period (which are claimed and not paid) to any other public office of the Junta de Andalucía. In addition, people who have received rental assitance in previous periods must have accounted for all rental payments of the subsidized rental income.
  • You must have a bank account that is known at the Dirección General de Tesorería y Deuda Pública de la Consejería de Hacienda y Administración Pública so that they can pay you the subsidy; this is by the way the only way of payment.
  • The sum of the income obtained by all members of your coexistence unit (IUC) can not exceed certain limits. See the explanation below.


Determination of the income and the limit

Where and how do I find the total income of the coexistence unit (IUC), which I have to calculate?

Step one: determine your personal income

  • For the members of the housing unit (UC / Unidad de Convivencia) who had the obligation to file the income tax return for the individuals for 2017 the so-called declaración del Impuesto sobre la Renta de las Personas Físicas (which you must present with the application in 2018 , the sum of the amounts of the general tax base must be included) and savings (Articles 48 and 49 of Law 35/2006, of 28 November, on personal income tax).
  • For residential unit UC members who were not obliged to file an income tax return, their gross income from taxes for 2017 are taken, after deduction of the corresponding deductible costs, including the reduction of the earned income.


Step two: income weighting

The sum of the income received is multiplied by the following weighting coefficients if these conditions occur in the Coexistence unit:

  • 0.75 if there is a large family of general category or in the coexistence unit, there are people with disabilities.
  • 0.60 in the case of a large family of a special category or in the coexistence unit, persons with disabilities, cerebral palsy, persons with mental illness, persons with intellectual disabilities or persons with developmental disabilities, with a recognized degree equal to or greater than 33 percent, or people with physical or sensory impairments, with a recognized degree of disability equal to or greater than 65 percent.


Step three: relation with IPREM (Indicador Público de Renta de Efectos Múltiples)

The income of the coexistence unit (IUC), expressed in euros, is converted into IPREM numbers by dividing them by the amount corresponding to that indicator, with reference to 14 monthly payments.

IPREM 2017 (14 payments): € 7,519.59 a year

Restriction to request help. In order to be a beneficiary of the rent subsidy, the percentage obtained in step three may not exceed certain limits:

  • 2.50 times the Public Multiple Effect Income (IPREM) indicator in general. This corresponds to € 18,798.98
  • 3.00 times the IPREM in case of a large family of general category or in the coexistence unit there are people with disabilities. This corresponds to € 22.558,77
  • 3.50 times IPREM when it concerns a large family of a special category or in the coexistence unit there are persons with disabilities with cerebral palsy, persons with a mental disorder, persons with a mental handicap or persons with developmental disorders, with a recognized degree of equality or more than 33 percent, or people with physical or sensory impairments, with a degree of disability with a recognized degree equal to or greater than 65 percent. This corresponds to € 26,318,565
  • 3.00 times the IPREM, in case the income of the housing unit (IUC) exceeds the limit of the income limit of the coexistence unit Cuantía del Limite de Ingresos de la Unidad de Convivencia (CLIUC). This corresponds to € 22.558,77


How much is the rental assistance?

  • 40% of the rent of your home if you have a limited income;
  • 50% of the rent if you are 65 and have a limited income;
  • 50% of the rent for young people who have not yet reached the age of 35 when submitting the application;
  • your subsidy can be 75% of the rent if you are also in a situation of special vulnerability and you are accredited by the Community Social Services (Servicios Sociales Comunitarios).


Over which period you will receive the rental assistance?

You will receive a rental assitance on the monthly rent payment in the period between 1 January 2018 and 31 December 2020. This means that the tenant has paid all monthly rent payments during that period. The subsidy is given on the first full monthly rental payment that the tenant has paid. The Junta de Andalucia also reserves the right to withdraw the rental assitance if the requirements are not met at any time and at that moment the last subsidy is the month before the non-compliance.


Rental assitance exclusions

In a number of cases people are not entitled to this rental assitance, which are listed below:

  • Tenants who have a kinship relationship in the first or second degree of kinship or affinity with the person who rents the house, or if you are the partner or participant.
  • You are the owner or have the right to use another house. This requirement will be exempt for those in possession of a dwelling, but it is not possible to occupy them in connection with divorce, or when the home is inaccessible due to a disability or when it is acquired by inheritance and the ownership percentage does not exceed is then 50 percent.
  • You have a another signed rental agreement, but you do not have the right to rent it, which in any case must be proven by an official document.


How can you apply for it?

On this page you need to complete the forms I and III. In addition, you must be sure that your bank account number is known to the Dirección General de Tesorería y Deuda Publica de la Consejería de Hacienda y Administración Pública so that they can pay you the subsidy.


Do you need help?

Do you meet all the requirements and do you need help with completing the forms? We can do this for you and tell you also where to hand in these forms. Please contact us by email:


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