The Weather


Malaga has a Mediterranean and subtropical climate. The average maximum temperature in August is 30,3 degrees and the average minimum temperature in January is 7,5 degrees and this is high by European standards. The climate of the city is also known for her mildness and it has not frozen over the last 100 years, apart from a minimum temperature of -0,1 degree in 2005, which inflicted great damage to mango trees and orange blossom. The subtropical climate is an ideal environment for Mediterranean plants.


The Winters in Malaga

December and Janu
ary are the most wet months of the year and a lot of rainfall can be fall in just a short time, which sometimes causes flasfloods. The temperatures in winter are more often comfortable outside than indoors, because a lot of houses are often uninsulated and have marble floors. Take this in mind when you are looking for an apartement or house.


The Summers in Malaga

In general summers are not extremely hot, for Spanish people, because of the prevailing sea breeze called “Levante”. The maximum temperature usually hovers around 30 degrees, except when a wind is blowing from the dry interior over the city. In this case, about 15 days a year, the temperature goes often above 40 degrees Celsius and in 1994 even at 50 degrees.




Spring & Autumn in Malaga

September, October, May and June are the best months to visit Malaga and its surroundings. The temperature is pleasant, in the daytime often around 20 ° C with little precipitation. The nights are mild, not too hot, not too cold. Just good to sleep.

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