Basic Relocation Package

This package is especially suitable for do-it-yourselfer and for people with a limited financial budget.


With this package Tulipan Relocations:

  • fills in all the forms for you and send it to you by e-mail, you only need to print and sign it;
  • tells you which forms and copies you should take with you;
  • explains to which government agency you should go;
  • make appointments with the local government services, as far as this is possible by telephone or internet;
  • sends an instruction document in which we explain in Spanish what you want, this form can then be handed over to the relevant staff member;
  • assists you by telephone in case of problems or questions if you are at the relevant government agency.


Benefits Basic Relocation Package:

  • You do not have to fill in all the forms yourself and this will save you time;
  • You do not have to figure out which forms to take with you and find out where to go this will save you time;
  • All this for an economic price.


Underneath an overview of our relocation services:


Paperwork government agencies: licenses, registrations etc.:


Your Property:


Driving a Car in Spain:


Financial Services (free service):





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