Why is moving to Malaga a good idea?

Move to the Costa del Sol

  Blue skies all year round. With over 300 days of sunshine the Costa del Sol has the best weather in Europe. No longer being a tourist but becoming a resident will make you enjoy this place even more. You can take days and even weeks to see the beautiful coastline,…

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The Relocation Consultant

Perhaps you will be retiring soon and would like to spend your free time in the Spanish sun. Have a nice lunch on the beach, go golfing with friends or take your boat out. But yes, the language and local bureaucracy are things you dread. Understandably so. Luckily there is…

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NIE/Certificado registro cuidano de reunion europea

Residents and non residents in Spain, with a financial interest must apply for a Número de Identificación de Extranjeros (NIE). Also for those who planning to stay longer than three months in Spain must obtain this certificate.
It translates to Identification Number for Foreigners. The number is mainly used for tax purposes. Since there is no photograph on the document it is not a replacement for an ID.

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